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Mobile View Development Showcase No.6

To close out 2023, we feature the final development showcase of the year with a look at the Mobile View of Blue Nova. The Mobile View has all of the functionality of the Desktop version with dashboards, documentation, Inbox, notifications, accounts, clients and holdings. We are delighted to share a few screenshots are taken from an iphone.

Blue Nova - Moble Menu

The functionality available, plus the branding, styling, look & feel is all configured centrally through the Blue Nova Gateway Module as previously showcased.

Mobile - Accounts & Holdings
Mobile - Dashboards

Ability to look at all of your accounts, drill down into the holdings to look at cash accounts, security transactions and review historical charting analysis down to individual stock level.

In release 1, there are over 30 different homepage & dashboard components that are predefined and available 'Out the Box' with dozens more planned foe H1 2024.

Looking ahead, the focus in Q1 2024 is development of Release 2 of Blue Nova and in particular Onboarding, Account Creation and XO capabilities. We look forward to sharing move updates in the New Year. 


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