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Dashboards Components Development Showcase No.7

Release 1 of Blue Nova’s Client Portal is delivered a base set of 12 configurable dashboard components, which are available in more than half a dozen display styles such as pivot view, pie chart or grid.


Each dashboard component is very powerful technology in its own right.

For example our Assets Under Management component has up to 3,000 data combinations which should satisfy even the most inquisitive advisor or investment professional .

 Via the Blue Nova Gateway module (Development Showcase No.5) our clients can configure how many dashboards are available, the layout, style and number of components on each page. They have total control of how the Client Portal experience will look for their advisors and end customers.

As new components are developed, we have the added ability to make dashboard changes at any time and instantly deploy those changes without the need for a new release of software.  

Blue Nova is truly offering a step forward in capability for Wealth Managers .


This is the last of the Development Showcase series for Release 1. Moving forward the focus will be on Release 2 starting with the Blue Nova Insight module covering MI & Analytics.


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