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Digitalise Your Operations With Our Business Intelligence Technology

The Blue Nova Insight's module is a wealth data repository and toolset enabling comprehensive MI for key stakeholders within a firm. Blue Nova Insight is the third key module that makes up the Blue Nova suite of digital solutions and is available in Q2 2024.


Blue Nova Insight's module is designed to be an organisations golden source of client data, giving unparalleled client oversight and control. With enhanced visibility into business operations and performance. This enables organizations to monitor progress and identify potential issues before they arise, helping to drive better business decisions and improve business margins by identifying areas where costs can be reduced, helping our clients to optimize resources and streamline processes.


Functionality includes detailed analysis and MI across, income, profitability, funds under management, volumes, clients, accounts and costs. The product also comes with its own online query and report generator, enabling access to 100% of the data universe.

Future releases of the Blue Nova Insight's module will introduce more AI capability, plus include a significant number of client led initiatives.

Even in pre -release Step Fourth has had requests to include functionality to help address the current specific FCA focus points of ‘Sources of Income’ and ‘Vulnerable Clients’.





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