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Unlock The Power Of AI & Digitalise Your Operations With Blue Nova Insight

Blue Nova Insight is a wealth data repository and toolset enabling comprehensive Management Information for key stakeholders within a firm.

We believe that having a central source of high-quality data is single most important factor in allowing organisations to unlock both the ‘Power of AI’ and the ability to ‘Digitalise your operations’. Blue Nova Insight been developed from the ground up by Step Fourth specifically to address these two key market drivers.

Blue Nova aggregates your data from multiple sources and surfaces that data to you through a suite of suite of components covering functions such as Income, AuM, Profitability, Clients & Accounts. Thereby allowing you to spot potential vulnerabilities and weak points ahead of time as well as greatly improving business control and compliance.

The product is fully multi-currency and multi-tenancy and so is designed not just for single office businesses but organisations with multiple locations and subsidiaries such as platform providers or consolidators.

In addition, custom query builders also allow our clients to set up and monitor their own unique Key Performance (KPI’s). In doing so, they can build their own library of data dashboards and reports covering key areas like consumer duty, investment management, compliance, operations and board level metrics.

Blue Nova Insight is available standalone or as part of the Blue Nova product universe (Blue Nova Engage & Blue Nova Control).

Please get in touch to find out more.


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