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Golden Source of Client Data Development Showcase No.5

Blue Nova is far more than a just new a beautiful new generation Client Portal, it is a true enterprise system for modern growing Investment Managers. Blue Nova has also been designed as a multi tenancy for those of our customers that have branches or run Model B outsourced operations.

Our Gateway and Administration modules enables the consolidation of data from multiple core systems and others sources to provide the Investment Manager with a central repository, a single golden source of client data in a highly practical and user friendly format.

We have placed as much care on both the look and feel of the administration side of the system as the client facing portal and are delighted to share a few images with you now.

Blue Nova Gateway Module - Top level menu & organisations

Blue Nova Gateway Module - Examples of some of the sub menu's

Looking ahead, our next development showcase will be focused on the Client Homepage and Dashboards and we look forward to sharing some of this capability with you in a few weeks.


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